Rivergate is a family of believers who fully and wholeheartedly expect the manifestation of the presence and power of our glorious Lord when we gather together in worship. A high value is placed on heartfelt, honest and vulnerable worship in music, prayer and sometimes dance. As a guest, you will sense the freedom to sing, stand quietly, or to kneel, to jump, clap, dance, waive a banner or physically express yourself in any way honoring to God that is not disruptive and does not distract others from personally entering into His presence. 

Because a priority is placed on giving liberty to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are free to flow and touch people's hearts, bodies and emotions. If you want to participate rather than observe - if you can leave "religion" at the door and simply reach out with everything in you to touch God, you can expect that you will encounter a LIVING and LOVING God and that you will leave every gathering changed by HIM.