Children's Ministry
We desire for our children to learn the love that God has for them in an experiential way. This is achieved forall people when they encounter His presence and meet with Him face-to-face. We want to introduce our children to God Himself rather than to theological doctrine about Him. Our conviction is that when a child has a personal encounter with God, this encounter will impact and stay with them forever. No one can take experiences they have lived from them. This is well summed up in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go and even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Training is not about learning a theory, but rather guiding a child through hands-on experiences.

Our classes are divided into four groups: 0-4 yrs, 5-7 yrs, 8-12 yrs, and 13-18 yrs.
Using developmentally appropriate classroom curriculum and this hands-on approach will enable our children to learn to recognize God's presence, understand Biblical principles, develop healthy lifestyles and relationships, and discover how their individual lives can impact the world around them as they carry the Kingdom of God in their daily lives. Age appropriate lessons and activities are presented in an environment where children are encouraged to recognize and grow into their God-given gifts and talents, learn, take initiatives, and develop social skills through meaningful relationships in a culture of honor and respect for one another.

We believe that every child is an original masterpiece design from God and we are delighted to see each child discover what God has put inside of him or her! Children are an important part of our fellowship because they are an important part of God's heart!

Rivergate Family Resource Center
We are a Christian Counseling Center that strongly believes there are solutions for every challenge in life with the help and guidance of a loving God. We believe He is able and willing to heal, restore, and inspire every person to live out his/her destiny and purpose for which they are alive today. RFRC is a safe, confidential environment, where our clients are free to explore who they are and what their dreams and aspirations are, while being empowered and encouraged to make their own decisions in order to fulfill their dreams. We believe that every person is unique and matters, and that the ultimate value and respect for every human life is a God given privilege.

University for Societal Architecture
Drs. Kees-Jan and Candy de Maa are dedicated to inspiring and equipping others so they can do what inspires them. They believe each person has a unique purpose in life, that can and must be discovered so they can develop their potential and raise to their highest and best contribution in this world. The University for Societal Architecture is dedicated to inspire, equip, and connect societal architects who have passion to see the different spheres that mold and shape a society transformed. We have practical on line studies that include the help of a moderator during the complete course. A flexible study structure so you can schedule the study within your agenda. Taught by expert and successful teachers in their field.

Flute Maker Ministries
Flutemaker Ministries is a 501c3 public charity born from the needs that Erik the flutemaker saw in Nicaragua during a missions trip in 2006.