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Rivergate Church is a multicultural church family that is passionate about inspiring the Body of Christ to fulfill its destiny in the Kingdom of God. We live this passion from two core values: 1) The reality that Christ’s work on the Cross is finished and His Grace is perfect in every aspect and every respect. 2) Never losing sight of a God who invades the impossible.


Our primary purpose is to provide a church home where people in our community, from all walks of life, may mature in relationship with God and fulfill their destinies. It is a safe place where all can find assurance, refreshment, and renewal while growing as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to love our community into a relationship with Jesus in order to equip lives to invade the earth with Heaven’s realities.


First… we worship God and minister to Him first.  We then learn His Word and express our love by doing His works

Second…we fellowship with one another to build real and authentic relationships and friendships. We participate in the gatherings of the church, commit to small groups and love one another.

Third… we help each other discover and walk out the truths of the Word in the Kingdom of God with a “hands-on” approach. This is called discipleship. Becoming like Jesus is our destiny.

Fourth…we train every believer to “do the stuff”. This is doing the works of Jesus that include evangelizing, showing kindness, praying for healing, releasing the miraculous, caring for the sick, the hopeless and the broken and more!

Fifth…we do not look to programs or “trendy marketing methods” to fulfill His mandate to reach the world.  Programs in themselves may serve a purpose, but they are not what bring people to a point of decision. Evangelism is a result of an encounter with the reality of Jesus Christ.

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What others say about us
A Good Mixture.

Not often you find a church where they are passionate about empowering believers to walk in the supernatural and have a solid foundation in the finished work of Christ through Grace. Loved it!

There’s nothing like finding your “home”.

From the moment you walk in you are surrounded with embracing arms and warm smiles. The presence of God comes strong in worship and penetrates during the message. This is a church you can truly call family, a place you will never feel alone.- Tiffany T.

Jonathan Welton

Mike and Cherrie Kaylor are true parents in the spirit. Everything they touch carries an aroma of heaven and the power of identity. If you have the chance to connect with their ministry, enjoy the privilege! Dr. Jonathan Welton Best selling author and President of Welton Academy